Thursday, August 4, 2011

EU Elo Hell ~ 1400 - 1600ish

Hey foks,

Sorry for the delay but I got caught up in various LoL tournaments, and various real life things. I know this format is really lazy and I'm sorry, but I'm just too busy now to sort it and I wanted to archive some of the climb. At the moment, Firm is sitting at 1887 elo.

The really challenging elos were around 1600-1800 elo. There were a lot of times where the skill differences in the teams led to very frustrating games. Overall I reached gold elo with around a 70% win rate, which is pretty decent in my book. I will try to get another article with more detail after season 1 ends as well as some articles on competitive LoL and how to get there as well as what to do once you're there. For the moment, I'm trying to hit platinum on my main account.

Sunday, July 31, 2011

Comparison Between Realm of the Titans and League of Legends

Realm of the Titans is a new MOBA game developed by Aeria games which at this moment is in closed beta. So far I've played about 30 games of RotT, so I feel I have a pretty good understanding of the basics to the game. Of course I've played League of Legends for a while and have 3 accounts with gold rating (2 accounts with 2k+ rating). League of Legends is a 2 year released game, while RotT is in beta so I might be bringing up LoL beta, which is was a part of.

Shoutout to Dyrus and Salce who I played some RotT with.

Winner based on preference

The graphics to this game are good. Very good. They provide a refreshing change from the dark look of HoN. In comparison to LoL, it would be like comparing apples to oranges. I feel the art form is very different altogether. League of Legends is known for its silly cartoonish art. It comes down to preference, and people who like the Chinese style exaggerated combat will enjoy the graphics of this game.

Realm of the Titans wins for now


In terms of heroes, Realm of the Titans provides 13 free heroes for open beta. With promo codes I was able to get Rose Knight and 2 other heroes. This is comparable to League of Legends beta, which had a rotation of 10 free heroes and around 40 heroes.

The heroes for Realm of the Titans are very creative. For example Samurai Spirit (top left image) can be compared to Master Yi in that it's a melee dps hero. However he has a ranged harass and an ult that summons an invincible spirit to hit the targeted enemy; he can re-toggle the skill to merge himself with the spirit, gaining stats. 

Aether (top right) is my favourite hero because he is so challenging. He can be compared to Ezreal, but his skillshots are a hundred times more difficult. His Q has a secondary aim, which curves to left or right based on the ZXC keys; it also has an insane range and deals more damage after a certain range. Aether's ult is extremely fun, as it summons long range daggers that you can charge. The longer you charge, the more damage it is. However, there are optimal distances for damage because the daggers merge to meet then separate. The feeling of hitting the enemy with a fully charged dagger storm is insanely good because the damage is ridiculous. I feel that if you perfect your skillshots on this champion, he will be extremely overpowered but fun.

I feel that the heroes in Realm of Titans beta are more creative and fun than League of Legends. The physical impact of your skills are sometimes tremendous and the particle effects are really cool. Also, Realm of Titans' champions skills synchronizes really well with pretty much every hero, which is not the case for League of Legends (look at Gangplank, Sion, Sivir, etc...)


League of Legends wins by a mile

I think the Realm of the Titans interface is fairly tedious and difficult to use. A ton of the items are activation based, so I had to swap the game's item commands from the default numpad commands to the 12345 on top of qwert. The minimap of Realm of Titans is crap, as it shows red dots without a lot of description. I think League of Legends minimap is much much better than Realm of Titans.

Another thing I don't like is the lack of customization. When I want to focus my hero I can't press anything, I have to click on his face icon, which is really irritating in a teamfight. Also there are no emoticons to spam; a minor thing but it makes a difference to my fun level achieved. What I don't like about this game is it's very hard to inspect your opponent's items. I guess it's okay if you can recognize all the item images, but since the game is new I have to read every item description to counter them.

The item interface is kind of tedious. It's a little difficult to navigate between the item choices. They're sorted by accessories (boots and auras), defence, attack, stat boosts. They also have recommended items, which I don't think are very good. The item shop definitely takes some getting used to, but for now it's fairly confusing especially for Attack Damage champions who have items with very similar stats.

Realm of Titans wins with more dynamic and fast-paced gameplay

This game has around 20 titan skills which are similar to summoner skills in League of Legends. They include things like lifesteal, slow, aoe damage, a small nuke, teleport, invisibility, traps, extra minion damage, and out of combat mana regen. The fun thing about these skills is you can change them around once in every minute and a half. They also upgrade as time goes on.

The game itself is fast paced and fun. The distance between lanes is very short, so it's very easy to roam and gank between lanes. Since denying is an option, it's usually a tradeoff between roaming and farming/denying in the lane.

What I like about this game is the secret shops. There's a titan skill that allows you to regen very fast at the shops, while you're buying, but only when there are no enemy nearby. I anticipate the competitive matches will revolve around warding the shops and fighting in control of the shops.

The neutrals provide gold and experience, but there are no interesting buffs that I know of on the map.

In Realm of the Titans, there are no inhibitors, but rather small control towers that spawn an extra wave of minions. These towers are weak, so it's easy to switch control. There are 2 towers for each position in each lane that provide extra gold to the killer and global gold to the team. Towers can be denied.

Finally, the end game neutral bosses are strong. They usually require at least 3 people to do it. Instead of giving a buff, the end game bosses will allow your boss to spawn mid and help you push.

Overall I think Realm of the Titans is a lot more dynamic and fast-paced than League of Legends.

Outside the Game
Realm of the Titans wins the features portion. League of Legends has better community features.

Realm of the Titans already has achievements, observer mode, replays, and 2 maps. Basically everything League of Legends players have been crying for, for 2 years.

Realm of Titans also has 24 hour live support chat that responds extremely fast to questions.

The thing League of Legends has is its huge community section, with fanart (even porn =O) and numerous League of Legends songs and memes. Honestly I don't think Realm of the Titan or any MOBA can beat League of Legends in its community. At the moment Realm of Titans has not reached the point where they have enough players to form a community, so we will have to see later.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Mathematically Proof That Elo Hell Does Exist! However, it`s so rare that it`s statistically insignificant!

In this, I will prove it is possible for a person to remain in 1200 elo, assuming losses and wins are equal elo (gain and loss). 

Important Definition of Elo Hell: Is the case where the % chance of winning is greater than 50% (in my proof I used 60%), but the resulting number of games won is less than 50%

Let the function A represents the fact that the total number of wins is 50% of the total games or less. Therefore A(x) = p(x less than equal to n*0.5)

n is the total number of games played and k is the number of wins

Lets assume the chances of a high elo player winning a match (p) in an elo lower then them is 60%, thus fulfilling the definition of elo hell.

Now lets look at games played:

10 GP:
A(x) = 10 choose 5 * 0.6 ^ 5 * 0.4 ^ 5
A(x) = 36.6%

100 GP:
A(x) = 100 choose 50 * 0.6 ^ 50 * 0.4 ^ 50
A(x) = 2.7%

200 GP:
A(x) = 200 choose 100 * 0.6 ^ 50 * 0.4 ^ 50
A(x) = 0.2% or 0.002

Now lets look at the 200 games played mark which you classified in a prior thread as the number of games that indicate your `true elo`. Even though you have a 60% win rate at 200 games, which means your expected elo is 1440 (200*0.6-100). However, there is a 0.00038% chance that you are below or equal to 1200 elo, a full 240 below what you should be. It is low, but if you multiply this value by 1,000,000 players you get an expected value of 2000 people who experience this.

Therefore under these assumptions, elo hell exists for 4 people, which proves that elo hell still does indeed exist. If you look at the first system (for the 10 game system), you can get a clearer picture of the effect of variance within a 10 game system.

Keep in mind your `true elo` aka skill is not static

I see 90% of the elo hell posts talking about `true elo` or skill as if it were an unchanging number (limit for you math people) that people are constantly playing towards.

By defnition elo, is intended to try to represent your skill; your skill is very dynamic and is constantly changing due to external factors.

The most obvious factor that influences your skill is your learning curve. As long as you play this game you will always be learning and that will naturally boost your elo (some people more than others).

Muscle memory effects and improves your skill of game dynamics. Like shooting a free throw 100 times to improve your shooting %, if you constantly play this game, you will get better.

Environmental factors also heavily influence your game. If you`re sick or drunk, your skill will go down. If you`re stressed for a test or if you`re happy, your skill will be effected. If you`re playing at a time of day where your mind is sharp you will play better (therefore you `true elo` will be high at this time); the opposite can be said for a slow day.

Your `true elo` or skill fluctuates depending on many factors. About 3 months ago my skill was around 1400-1500 and now I feel like it`s hovering around 1700-1800 on a good day. However, when I`m feeling like ****, I lose games to 1200 players because I play significantly worse at those times.

Monday, May 9, 2011

EU Elo Hell ~ Day 9

Game 56 - Shaco
Destroyed the other team this game playing Shaco. I farmed the entire team and the other team didn't have a chance. The game was actually fairly close because the rest of the team fed quite hard, but in the end they couldn't handle a fully fed Shaco.

Game 57 - Alistar
My first Jungle Alistar attempt. I used the wrong runebook and died to golem; it was all downhill from there. Our ashe was terrible, otherwise we had a chance of winning.

Game 58 - Nocturne
Playing Nocturne, I can see how OP he is. He is ridiculous on early ganks and can do insane damage with very little items.

Game 59 - Shaco
This was an easy game because our team knew what they were doing. The enemy team comp was extremely tanky and I thought we were going to lose. However, skill dominated and we stomped the other team quite badly.

Game 60 - Mundo
I played solo lane Mundo and carried the game pretty hard. I thought we were going to lose at many points due to dumb mistakes, but a fast baron and we won!

Game 61 - Shaco
Easy game with Shaco. Everyone on our team did pretty well which allowed us to snowball to an advantage all game. The only thing that stopped us from winning fast was Malzahar and turtling.

Game 62 - Shaco
This game of Shaco was difficult because it went to the very end game. In the end game I played more backdoor Shaco then teamfight Shaco. It was frustrating near the end of the game because our team was cocky and didn't work together against a team with a much better end-game.

Game 63 - Mastery Yi
Playing some fun Master Yi. He does so much damage with a competent team and can carry games so hard by himself.

Game 64 - Shaco
There was a miscommunication with the picks and I didn't notice Rammus was jungling. So, I tried AP Shaco. Because of this, I could not carry very well. Even though I was highly positive, I could not influence the game as much and that's why we lost.

Game 65 - Warwick
I decided to carry playing Warwick. It's not easy playing WW because the team kept complaining about not ganking. However, they didn't realize Warwick needs to level and farm hard to get level 6 and Madred's Bloodrazor to carry the game, which is exactly what I did.

Game 66 - Warwick
Another carry game with Warwick. Once he gets that Bloodrazor, he does so much damage! He can pretty much 1v3 by himself with Bloodrazor and some good play.

Game 67 - Nunu
This was a quick stomp due to the fact that our entire team dominated. This was due to the fact that I kept ganking on Nunu and wrecked every lane. 20 minute surrender makes it faster for me to rise in elo.

Game 68 - Warwick
Another game of carrying with Warwick. I pretty much destroyed the enemy team because they did not realize how much damage I did. Also, the rest of our team played fairly well and this was a fast victory.

Game 69 - Warwick
Our team complained so much about this game because I didn't gank early game while Noc did. I just laughed and farmed up my Bloodrazor and outleveled Nocturne. Then I destroyed the other team and did map objectives, leading to an easy win.

Game 70 - Teemo
I am truly terrible at ranged carries, especially Teemo. I played this inspired by The Rain Man's game against CLG. However, I could 2v1 effectively with Teemo against a Gragas and Morgana lane that harassed incredibly hard. I lost my tower and the game.

Game 71 - Nocturne
Nocturne is incredibly strong and I wrecked the enemy team time after time. I ganked hard and Nunu disconnected for 5 minutes. This lead to a 20 minute surrender from the other team while we were working on the base tower.

Game 72 - Nunu
I played a fairly ridiculous Nunu against a team that I constantly ganked. Caitlyn rage afked because I ganked her mid about 4 times and killed her each time. This lead to a snowball (no pun intended) effect that wrecked the enemy team.

Game 73 - Shaco
Playing Jungle Shaco, I was able to heavily influence the game. Our team comp this game was amazing and we actually won quite handily, despite the fact that the enemy Tryn was decent.

Game 74 - Twisted Fate
I wanted to dabble in some AP TF play, which is why I chose to play him this game. AP TF is quite strong and I can play him quite effectively in 1700 elo as well. The Tear of the Goddess is actually a great choice of item on him, because it supplies him with infinite mana and a decent late game AP item.

Game 75 - Alistar
This time I picked the right rune book and dominated the game with Jungle Alistar. I think Alistar is the best Jungle tank right now (even better than Amumu), and he can heavily influence games with his strong CC, natural tanking and now his substantial damage to carries.

Game 76 - Warwick
Another game of Carrywick. This Twisted Fate annoyed me to hell because he made dumb calls and insulted our team. He also laned poorly against a Kennen and didn't realize that by not shutting down Kennen in lane, it caused the team to be ganked by him. However we ended up winning quite hard despite the calls and bring a victory.

Game 77 - Nocturne
Destroying the enemy team as Nocturne. Noc is so easy and powerful, it's a shame that he's getting nerfed. At least I will be able to play him after the nerfs. Right now he's banned every game.

Record: 69 - 12 (85%)
Rating: 1440